The Presepio Napoletano & Cookie Baking Class

We have made so many lasting memories these past two months. Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday Gala, girl scout visits, local carolers… the list goes on. A few weeks ago we ended the holiday season with an Italian cookie baking class at the Italian Cultural Center in Tuckahoe. Within forty-five minutes, we baked about 150 cookies. But that’s not all. Helen Garufi, the Director of School and Community Programs, gave us a tour of the center and it’s famous nativity scene or as they call it, the Presepio Napoletano. It was built in Naples in the early 1980’s. Originally 12 by 32 feet, the Presepio Napoletano was brought to America after its completion, and eventually made it’s way to Tuckahoe. Helen explained that, “The Presepio just sort of fell into our hands. The upkeep is arduous and expensive, but it is absolutely worth it.” If you are a local, and have never seen the Presepio, make sure it is on your bucket list for your 2019 Christmas season.

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