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Science Lab: “Elephant Toothpaste” & “Snowflake Pom-Poms”

It was a very exciting week at The Fountains – we had two very interesting Watermark University classes take place. One was a success and the other….. not so much. The first class was a science experiment. We tried to replicate an “exothermic reaction,” or as the kids call it in school “elephant toothpaste”. Imagine a huge eruption of multi-colored foam pouring out of a glass cylinder. The experiment called for five simple ingredients: dry yeast, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, food coloring and warm water. Sure, the ingredients were simple, however the experiment was not. We may not have succeed this time, but get ready for February’s experiment: “Silly Putty”. We’ve got this one in the bag! 

For the second class, we made “Snowflake Pom-Poms” using recycled tissue paper. Luckily, this was a success. The Community Life team is always looking for new and exciting classes. If you have idea’s or hidden talents that you would like to share, come see Reghan Giannelli in the Arts & Crafts Studio. We would be happy to add your class to the 2018 Summer Semester.

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