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My father has been there only eight days now, but in that short a period of time he has come to regard The Fountains at RiverVue as not only a great choice in assisted living, but a home in place of home. The entire staff made his transfer from his home of 60 years (after a detour through hospital and rehab) a painless experience. He is very happy about the food and dining (we agree, after enjoying Father’s Day evening in their dining room!) and that makes him very happy. We know he is safe and being well cared for. His apartment is spacious enough and has a terrific view of not only the gardens but the village center of Tuckahoe and the river (Yes, it’s true — “a river runs through it!”) as well. We hope his stay continues happy and without any miscues.

Review by Albert Marra

After having homecare for my Mom, we decided to put her in an assisted living facility. At home she was just sitting in a chair with an aide. She had no quality of life. The Fountains at Rivervue was conveniently located and provided a means of socialization for my Mom. There she made friends and was able to have a little independence with the help of the staff. She had her own studio apartment…just enough for her. They provided 3 meals and snacks.

Review by muzzi

We choose The Fountains for my mom because they seem nice and clean. When we visit it, the people that take us on a tour are nice. The management is positive and that is good. The staff seems very good, ethical, nice and hardworking. Mom is in a nice and spacious private room with a private bath. The food is good and it seems very healthy. However, if I want to eat with her, it costs $15 per meal. But we are happy that they have activities to keep her engage, busy and happy. They take them on trips and they have sing-a-long.

Review by Gene9

My Aunt has been a resident of the Fountains at Rivervue for 2 years now. She came from living by herself in a large private home and was very worried about making the change to a small apartment & hotel type residence. She adjusted very well & in the first month to our surprise. My aunt enjoys the company of others & the great social programs, activities, Classes, music, lectures, food & Jewish culture.etc) available to her on a daily basis. We the family love the fountains crew who are always caring, attentive and friendly. We all feel good knowing that our aunt is cared for in a active, safe, clean & nurturing environment with a great spirit. We can all sleep a lot better because of them…Thank you!

Review by cglickman

I recently visited a family friend at the Fountains and I just want to express how amazing this Assisted Living is. I normally don’t write reviews, but I felt it was necessary because finding a quality facility that has QUALITY employees, is few and far between.

The facility is clean, food is great and they always have an abundance of activities and events for residents to engage in.

The moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with a warm welcome by Keisha at the front desk.

The sales director Michael, gave us a tour of the Fountains and was extremely personable. He told us all about the Fountains and took the time to make sure we were comfortable and happy while visiting.

Thank you all!

Review by Star77

My grandparents live at the community and its a wonderful place! This is the best I have seen them in years. Always participating in activities, classess and trips. The food is great and management team are very supportive. Highly recommend!

Review by Dkaplan

I really liked this place – the employees I met were really nice, the location of the place is spectacular – lots of trees and grass, local parks + walkable restaurants and Starbucks.

Review by Tuckahoe, NY Visitor

The Fountains at Rivervue was a very nice place. The rooms were cheery and the lunchroom was complete with linen. There was great involvement by the residents and there were full classes for them. The residents were mostly ambulatory and doing well, not just in wheelchairs and sitting. There was a men’s group since there were many men, so it would be comfortable for my dad if he moved there. They just had a very good approach to the whole process of aging.

Review by Sydney3

Toured and moved my dad is as a result. We are very happy with our experience so far and it has been about 4 months. The staff is caring, loving, and always try go above and beyond for my dad. The activities and trips are the best i have seen while touring. My father most like that their is a high male popluation and active people like himself. This community is a must if your looking for a wonderful place for your parents.

Review by daddygirl1217

My dear friend’s mother is currently living at The Fountains at Rivervue. Recently, I went for a visit and found this place so warm, welcoming, and engaging. There were many activities going on, and all the residents looked happy and engaged. I was very impressed with this community. I would recommend The Fountains to anyone who wishes to have their family member in a caring environment with wonderful and creative activities.

Review by Kathy Bartley

I recently moved into the Fountains at Rivervue from another community. I moved because I was looking for more activities and programs. Not to mention the food is fabulous here. I can tell you my experience has been wonderful and the service from all the staff is more than I could have expected. I enjoy morning exercise every day along with an array of Watermark University Classes. I have joined the activity committee apart of the resident council. What I love the most is if I ask a question to anyone of the staff or Directors, I am given an answer and in a promptly fashion. I am glad I made the decision to move and couldn’t be happier.

Review by Catherine Mehigan

My mom moved into The Fountains a few months ago. She is a changed woman! At home, she just sat and watched TV and wasn’t getting any socialization. Now, she has made more friends than she had when she was in High School! They go out to lunch, on trips to the city, play cards, it’s amazing to see the change in her. She even rushes me off the phone to visit with her new friends. The staff is also amazing. They are all warm and friendly and I know she is in great hands there. Jennifer is like family to my mom, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a smile. The servers are always taking care of my mom as well. Thank you to Christine and Michael for helping me through this, I thought it was going to be a hard time but you made it easy and it was the best thing I could have done for my mom!

I have been on the search for the right place for weeks and seeing everyplace in Westchester and parts of NJ, I have decided on the Fountains at Rivervue for so many reasons. Having toured a couple times with Michael and Christine and even the administrator David, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to move my mom here. They have been so welcoming and honest from the beginning. None of that sales talk but honest and comforting conversations putting me at ease knowing my mother will be in great hands. The food has been by far the tastiest and a true restaurant experience. The staff are friendly and so helpful in all areas. Most importantly my mom is loving it more and more each day and throwing herself into activities, trips and building friendships with her neighbors. If anyone is like me and looking for the best place for their loved one, this is it. Thank you to the Fountains for truly making us all feel right at home.

Review by Tanya Donnelly

Choosing the right Assisted Living facility for a loved one is a hugely consequential decision. I could not have done better than my choice of the Fountains. My 84 year old aunt moved to the Fountains in 2015. She had recently come out of extended rehab, was weak and under weight, and no longer able to live alone. As with most families that are new to assisted living, I didn’t quite know what to expect with such a dramatic transition for my spirited and independent aunt. The results were both surprising and heart warming. Not only did my aunt return to a healthy weight, her interaction with the active community at the Fountains revealed a different side of her personality that was more engaged and confident and happy than I had seen in many years. My aunt regularly bragged about apartment cleaning and laundry service, enjoyed the shuttle service to local stores and took up new hobbies. None of this was an accident. While the Fountains management is made up of departments, they work together as a seamless, integrated whole, ensuring that each resident is given the best opportunity to enjoy life with dignity and respect. I was an engaged family member, and was pleased and gratified that Fountains’ staff were readily available for consults or to answer questions. To a person, they are courteous, professional and dedicated. In that regard, I would like to recognize the Fountains’ Executive Director, Stephanie. In a previous role at the Fountains, Stephanie became an indispensable component in assisting with management of my aunt’s well being. She is smart, experienced, pro-active, and deeply empathetic. Indeed, Stephanie was as much a resource to me as she was to my aunt. As Executive Director, Stephanie brings these qualities to the management of the whole facility, which should provide all resident families with comfort and confidence. This kind of dedication extends to each of the Fountain’ staff. Keisha, who manages the front desk, is a larger-than-life personality whose optimism, patience and humor sets a tone for guests and residents alike, rooted in a deep professionalism and caring. Amenities are often showcased as the lead attraction in assisted living facilities. They are certainly important, and the Fountains has its share of standouts. But the true worth of a facility are in its people. Experienced, caring, dependable, responsible. The Fountains has mastered the magic to make this crucial piece work for its residents, and it is why the Fountains should be a first stop if you are choosing assisted living for yourself or a family member.

Review by Christopher Coughlin

I think it’s a good value, I think they are fantastic. There were a lot of things that I had in mind I knew my sister would like, the atmosphere is one of caring and concern. I looked at seven different places and one thing I looked for was location, it was not near a busy highway, the appearance, it has a friendly atmosphere, Mary in particular projected a very warm feeling. I can’t imagine anything they could improve on. In a situation like this you can’t give them what they really want, which is to be young and free again. The food is great and the food service, the maintenance, I can’t imagine how they could improve. There is a range of times to eat and you are served with a choice of two different things each day along with things that are always available like a tuna salad sandwich or a pb&j. They are very caring.

Review by Judy Famellette

I have been an ambulette driver for 15 years and transporting people all over the NJ and NY area. In my 15 years of transporting different people to different facilities, I have never been so amazed by a welcoming from a facility. Yesterday transport to The Fountains for a couple moving in blew me away. Truly the most professional and best welcoming I have ever seen in all my 15 years on the job! I would highly recommend The Fountains to anyone in search.

Review by Rita the Ambulette Driver

I recently moved into the Fountains at Rivervue from another community. I moved because I was looking for more activities and programs. Not to mention the food is fabulous here. I can tell you my experience has been wonderful and the service from all the staff is more than I could have expected. I enjoy morning exercise every day along with an array of Watermark University Classes. I have joined the activity committee apart of the resident council. What I love the most is if I ask a question to anyone of the staff or Directors, I am given an answer and in a promptly fashion. I am glad I made the decision to move and couldn’t be happier.

Review by Catherine Mehigan

It’s hard to watch one of your parents deteriorate and lose their will to go on with life. My mom was a vibrant fun loving woman who was very active. Now she has severe arthritis in her knees. Due to this she didn’t want to leave her home and refused to use any walking aids. I was at wits end. My sister did some research and found the Fountains at RiverVue. I checked it out extensively and said this is the place for mom, now to convince her was my next step. I brought her here and they accepted her with open arms. She Immediately liked it. She is now a permanent resident of 3 years and flourishing like a butterfly out of a cocoon. The residents/neighbors are her new found friends. The Staff is beyond compare. She raves about them and so do I. They are very caring and sympathetic to everyone’s needs and most importantly they are sincere. I couldn’t ask for a better place for my mom. Thank you Fountains staff, We Love You!.

Review by Dan Ingham

Moving my mom here was the best decision we could have made. She had been living at another assisted living facility for 7 months that was unable, or unwilling, to meet her needs. The staff here, from the leadership team to the dining room staff, are all warm, caring, and kind. The initial orientation, the comprehensive nursing assessment, and the regular refinement of her care plan all demonstrate The Fountain’s commitment to giving their residents the best possible quality of life. As a nurse, I can be a harsh critic, but I have nothing but praise, and appreciation, for all that they do.

Review by Tuckahoe, NY Family

My parents moved over from the Esplanade in White Plains due to the fact they are closing down. Though moving them has been a horrendous and traumatic experience, moving them to the Fountains has been the “best thing they have ever done”. These are their words exactly. They absolutely love the food, activities, people, staff and apartment. The Fountains have limited space and accepting wait list, so we got in at the perfect time. I would and have highly recommended the Fountains to others in search.

Review by Angela

It’s a very nice facility. The people are very friendly and caring. They have Good activities. The transportation is very good. This facility is In a very good area. My mother enjoys food. Overall, The Fountains at RiverVue is a great community. My mother and I are very pleased and satisfied. I am glad that my mother is happy here. I would highly recommend The Fountains at RiverVue to anyone who is searching for assisted living.

Review by Anonymous

I am a family member whose Dad has lived at the Fountains for over 5 years and from day one the staff at Rivervue welcomed my Dad with open arms. They welcomed him from the beginning and to the point that he returned to the community after having gave it a trial run to make the permanent move. He came to the realization that in the short time he spent in the beginning that he made friends instantly and with all the variety of activities and the fact that he joined their men’s club spoke volumes. I wouldn’t have chosen any other place but The Fountains at Rivervue, and we looked at several. They always are attentive to my Dad’s needs and have gone the extra mile. When I speak with my dad he tells me about the great lunch he had with his friends and were catching up on activities from the weekend. I have never heard my Dad complain about his time at The Fountains and am happy to speak to anyone who is beginning their search.

Review by John

I think the staff is incredible. They seem to have a good handle on all of the residents and visitors there. We get comments from people we hardly know about how well my mother is doing. Incredibly over the top on keeping up with the activities.

Review by The Fountains At RiverVue - Tuckahoe, NY Family

Compared to the other communities in westchester, this felt the most like home and less like a cheap marriot hotel. Everyone from the receptionist, care staff and sales team was fantastic. They have activities all day/evening, trips, transportation to doctors appts, and an independent setting. The village is in walking distance and across from the Metro north station into nyc. I have had dinner and it was delicious! As a result I moved in my father who is more active and happier now then ever. I recommend The Fountains to all looking for a community which feels most like home and provides great services.

Review by Theresa

The staff here is very responsive to any request you may have and there is always someone available if you need them. The community is very clean and well maintained. It is a very difficult decision to make and it take a lot of adjusting the staff has been very accommodating and has made the adjustment period a little easier. If you have an issue, bring it up to the staff and they are happy to work with you and see if it is a something they need to permanent change. We would recommend you ask lots of financial question and ensure you are understand of all charges so that you are not surprised when the bill arrives. Studios are about $5,000 and they recommend you bring as much from home and you want just to give it a home like feeling.

Review by Antoinetta Grillo

Great Place, my grandparents have been there for 2 years. Happiest and most active they have been in years. I recommend this to all looking for a place you can call home for your parents.

Review by Michael A.

The search for an Assisted Living Facility especially for a loved one with Alzheimer’s  is an especially trying one. My wife has been a resident for almost three years in their memory unit called the Gardens. She has consistently been well treated, professionally cared for and medically watched. The facility is clean and the food both attractively prepared and pleasantly served. I have personally observed on frequent occasions the professionalism and empathy shown by the first line caregivers. This attitude comes from top level management and has been of great comfort to me and my family.  Anyone caring to communicate with me about my experiences at the Fountains is welcome to contact me. This facility is well worth a visit. For me it is well situated being just off the Bronx River Parkway at Exit 4.

Review by Bob B.

The Fountains is wonderful.  As an only child caring for my widowed mother, it’s the best thing that has happened to both of us. Facilities and staff are top notch. They were able to accommodate my mother with an apartment within a few days and put my mind at ease. Mary, the sales director, personally went to my Mom’s evaluation and was in constant contact with me to give me updates. 24 hr Nurses station, in house doctors, instructional classes, movie theater, exercise room, beauty salon, dining room with three chef prepared meals a day and a coffee café, art studio, daily activities and trips. 5 minute walk from the Tuckahoe station (I don’t drive so this is key). I wish I lived there sometimes!  If you are looking for a retirement community for a loved one in Westchester, this is the place.

Review by Alana O.

I moved my dad in about a month ago and its was a great decision. They have been wonderful from Keisha the receptionist to the managers.  Everyone is so accommodating and wants to help anyway they can. The food is fantastic and I join my father for meals often. The care staff are long term and truly care for their residents. I am both relieved and happy my father is a resident at The Fountains. I highly recommend to all.

Review by Daniel P.