Generoso Pope Foundation – “Ancient Rome”

Last week we visited Tuckahoe’s Generoso Pope Foundation right here in Tuckahoe’s Depot Square. The Generoso Pope Foundation, also known as “The Italian Cultural Center” was founded by the Pope family. David Anthony Pope, the Executive Director of the Foundation lives right here in Tuckahoe. His family’s mission is to bring back a sense of community to Tuckahoe and promote educational programming for all ages. We did not meet David, but we did have the pleasure of meeting Helen Garufi, the Director of School and Community Programs and Marisa Jaffe, an art historian from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Marisa led a fabulous presentation on ancient Rome. In addition to the presentation, she had a display of ancient Roman artifacts for us to see and touch. It was an incredible experience, and we plan to return in the fall for a presentation on Ancient Egypt. Stay posted for our next trip to the Generoso Pope Foundation.

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